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About River’s Edge

Jesus said “it is to my father’s glory that you bear much fruit.” He desires us to be fruitful in our everyday lives. To…

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We Worship Sundays @ 10am Place Of Worship: W. C. Abney Elementary School  • 1186 Colbert Road Dallas, GA 30132 Church Office: 678.318.1918 David…

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Biblical Foundation Of What We Believe

Foundational Biblical Beliefs The Bible is the Inspired Word of God Both the OT and NT are inspired of God and are the revelation…

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Kingdom Kidz

Introduction… In a world of ever changing morals and standards there is one Kingdom that stands forever…the Kingdom of God! The mission of River’s…

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What’s happening at River’s Edge Church? 

Several months ago I/Pastor David submitted to what I had heard the Lord trying to say for some time. My wife and I are a blended family with six children in total, four of which are mine. We both have been pastoring River’s Edge Church since our planting it in 2009 upon our return from Kenya and recent marriage to each other. I was doing everything “humanly” possible to grow the church. Using the term, “humanly” as that is a very important and key factor. Many have suffered as a result of pursuing “their calling” which is a cultural term not biblical. We are taking this time to pursue the Lord and listen to Him, and first realizing our marriage is our first calling. This is something I would say to any pastor starting out with a passion to serve God. We best serve Him in serving our spouse and family.  [read more…]

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